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The fear among the euro-group nations is that if Greece leaves the EU, there will be a domino effect with the result that the weaker members of the EU such as Portugal and Spain will leave as well.
The Euro-group said it expects a formal approval by the European Stability Mechanism fund by 24 April and the first disbursement is scheduled to take place by mid May.
Earlier, However, Euro-group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem said the rescue assistance for Cyprus has now risen to 23 billion Euros from the earlier estimate of 17.
Tory euro-group leader Giles Chichester said he was studying the exact remarks and would decide on what to do, "if anything", yesterday.
But I am very, very clear that if there is a proposal to create a stability fund for the euro, that has got to be a matter for the euro-group countries.
Jurado affirmed that his country was right when it decided to seek help from the Euro-zone, noting that the end of the program was a good news for both Spain and the Euro-group.
This is why I assume and expect the euro-group to give a positive and supportive statement on Greece's progress.
The Euro-group reaffirms the importance of fully guaranteeing deposits below EUR 100.
He said he expects Sunday's meeting of finance ministers of the Euro-group
French Minister for Economy, Finance and Industry, member of the Euro-group
I don't think that we'll have a final decision today; this is not a disaster, the debate has to be continued," President of the Euro-group Jean Claude Juncker told reporters before the meeting.
The President of the Euro-group and Luxembourg Prime Ministers Jean-Claude
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