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This is very different from Euclidean geometry since here the ends of a line never meet when extended.
The second main argument is based, ironically, on continuous Euclidean geometry, and so it shows how geometrical continuity can be co-opted and pressed into the service of physical and conceptual discontinuity, i.
Eighteen 10th graders, who had studied Euclidean geometry, participated in the first stage of Study B by answering the two tasks in Study A.
It refers to Kant's apparent attempt to base the apriority of space on what he (mistakenly) saw as the synthetic a priori status of Euclidean geometry, both pure and applied.
Readers are assumed to be familiar with Euclidean geometry from the perspective of vectors, and occasionally with differential calculus and functions of a complex variable.
Almost 2000 years after Euclid systematised geometry we now have some teachers who have never been taught Euclidean Geometry.
A geometry by denial some axioms of the Hilbert's 21 axioms of Euclidean geometry.
But finally our means of observation were sufficiently refined to permit our discovery of structures and processes which could not be explained on the basis of Aristotle's logic, or more specifically, in terms of Euclidean geometry or Newtonian mechanics.
Design of a house, on an eminence above a Spanish village, celebrates Euclidean geometry and tranquillity.
In the Euclidean geometry, also called parabolic geometry, the fifth Euclidean postulate that there is only one parallel to a given line passing through an exterior point, is kept or validated.
If we picture the universe using Euclidean geometry, we can imagine going straight out forever.