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Former Greek deputy defense minister and ex-MP Konstantinos Isychos also mentioned the problem of conscription of ethnic Greeks to the Armed forces of Ukraine and sending them to the South East of the country to frontline with the rebel Donbass.
Greek troops had initially deployed to Anatolia to protect ethnic Greek civilians from possible Turkish retribution.
The right of ethnic Macedonians to make a cultural connection to the past including the ancient past cannot be denied, just as ethnic Greeks are not denied this right.
One will refer to the numerous tragedies that have taken place in the West and the East (example of the Sudeten Germans or the population exchanges of say ethnic Greeks living in Turkey during the 1920s).
His flock in Turkey, however, numbers only about 5,000 ethnic Greeks today, following a long exodus of Greek Christians over the last century.
Some religious groups, such as evangelicals and Jehovah's Witnesses, consisted almost entirely of ethnic Greeks and some immigrants from former Soviet republics and Albania.
There are 200,000 Catholics in the country, including 50,000 ethnic Greeks.
Greece also welcomed and assisted ethnic Greeks from abroad to settle into the country.
Meanwhile, the ethnic Greeks who reside on the southern two-thirds of the island (where the internationally recognized government sits) are now so prosperous that Cyprus is set to join the E.
After a thrust that came in two stages, the Turks had occupied more than 30% of the country, from just south of Famagusta in the East to the Bay of Morphou in the West, and around 4-6,000 Cypriots, mostly ethnic Greeks, had been killed.
Ethnic Greeks and Turks have lived together for centuries in Pyla, staying through the long years of communal violence, the 1974 fighting and a quarter century of partition.
Moreover, the extensive use of traditional secondary motifs such as crescent moons (on 250 impressions) and stars (on 151 impressions), in combination with the very small number of ethnic Greeks living in Uruk (only 26 men out of about 3000 named in the Uruk documents had both Greek personal names and patronymics) and the almost complete absence of Greek loanwords, is perhaps the best evidence for the limited foreign impact and the persistence of ancient BabyIonian traditions.