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A comparable tool can similarly facilitate social workers' efforts to conduct ethics audits.
Social work ethics audits may be especially valuable when they are conducted by independent parties outside of one's practice or agency, much like the agency accreditation process.
Initial findings from a fivepart survey show that over the next five years, internal auditors will focus more on corporate governance, ERM, strategic reviews, ethics audits and the migration to international financial reporting standards, and put much less emphasis on operational and compliance audits, auditing of financial risks, fraud investigations and internal controls evaluation.
Step six is to conduct annual ethics audits, to ensure that an overall program is current and functioning as intended, and that employees across locations and departments are informed and in compliance.
Additionally, while an ethics audit conducted by an independent third party will yield more objective results, ethics audits are often conducted by the organization itself.
To be effective, ethics audits must be performed by an independent third party.
Knowing that financial audits sometimes provide a misleading picture of the health of the firm whose books are examined, must we not then assume that ethics audits would fall similarly wide of the mark?
Other exercises involve customizing a code of ethics to a particular police agency(6) and forming a simulated ethics committee to conduct ethics audits and to define the ethical principles needed in policing.
Another mechanism for implementing business ethics is an ethics audit.
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