Essential purpose

Essential purpose (or function) bond

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Iran's conservatives are imbued with an ideology that views the essential purpose of the state as the realization of God's will on Earth.
The camp was a great way for students to spend their winter break and invest their minds dealing with and learning from beneficial ideas that serve an essential purpose.
They can infuriate those who prefer real life talk to virtual reality on a screen, but they also serve that essential purpose of protection from outside interference.
Representative of the UN Fund Population to the Gulf Cooperation Council Aser Tosown said,"The essential purpose of the policy is to achieve balance between population growth and sustainable development demands in order to guarantee a decent life to the population of Qatar.
The essential purpose of pairing is survival; procreation.
Socialization is an essential purpose which an educational institution serves, to supplement the role of family and other social groups, to help individuals to internalize and follow cultural norms and values and to conform to mores and laws.
While employee share option schemes ("ESOPs") and other long term incentive plans ("LTIPs") come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all share the same essential purpose of retaining, rewarding and incentivising employees.
The Schools Olympic Program serves a unique and essential purpose of both educating our youth about sport and ingraining in them a culture of fitness and health, as well as identifying gifted student athletes that can go on to represent Qatar on an regional and international level," he said.
At least one commentator has argued, however, that the "minimum required practices" exclusion found in Columbia Casualty should not be respected because it vitiates the policy's essential purpose.
Every part of this dish serves an essential purpose.
Mr McGrath said: "The essential purpose of the meetings between Minister Noonan and the banks in recent weeks was to reduce the exorbitant standard variable rates being charged by the banks to 300,000 mortgage customers.

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