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First, the sequence of equity issue announcements is a significant factor to control for in analysis of announcement period returns for firms that conduct multiple SEOs.
For example, Krasker (1986), studied the relationship between the size of the equity issue and the price reaction, and found that the larger the stock issue, the worse the signal and therefore the subsequent fall in the stock price.
7 million (pounds 81 million) and a followon placing to raise an additional EUR52 million (pounds 41 million) - the 2008 Equity Issue.
This result suggests that higher levels of institutional ownership are associated with perceptions of institutions as more effective monitors of the uses of the cash obtained from the equity issue due to their higher ownership stake in the firm.
The equity issue will be used to develop the group's business plan and sustain it through its vitally important Christmas trading period.
Through the new equity issues, companies intend to secure funds toward new investment, including funds to finance mergers and acquisitions.
A small and highly experienced team manages the Group's investment portfolio of listed debt and equity issues, funds and real estate.
5 million fixed income and international equity issues and is a leading supplier of evaluated pricing to more than 4,000 global financial institutions.
Title IX and gender equity issues first raised in 1972 became a major factor at Northridge after a 1992 lawsuit filed against the Cal State Universities by the California chapter of NOW.
Todd, author of "Risk and Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate," will address risk and equity issues relevant to small business owners.
The primary revenue sources of the investment banking industry are from the placement of new debt and equity issues with public and private investors, and the fees associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A).