Equilibrium price

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Equilibrium price

The price at which the supply of goods matches demand.

Equilibrium Price

The price brought about by the rough equality of supply and demand. This applies for consumer goods, securities, and most other goods and services.
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In this paper we intend to use this model to identify the long-run equilibrium price level as a variable determined by current money supply, potential income, and the equilibrium rate of money circulation.
In none of the scenarios does the price exceed euro 20/tonne of CO2, and in fact, our base case scenario suggests a much lower equilibrium price with a narrower band of price volatility compared to what we have seen thus far," says Karmali.
B] is above its equilibrium price, then the right hand side of (10) would fall below [gamma].
However, each demander can act to increase consumer surplus by recognizing that the prevailing price (the price used to make utility calculations) is not an equilibrium price.
In other words, given the lack of a true supply side, price administrators in the voucher privatization scheme had the luxury of knowing that there were a large number of equilibrium price vectors that met the goal of eliminating excess demand for individual goods.
Nationally, house prices are near their equilibrium price [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8 OMITTED].
At the end of 1986, the equilibrium level of prices was well above the actual level, reinforcing the view that the risks weighed on the side of an increase in inflation; at the end of 1989, that equilibrium price had moved into approximate equality with the actual price level, indicating that basic inflation pressures had steadied.
The market establishes a supply-demand equilibrium price for the emissions credits, which provides emitters with the information they need to determine if it is more costeffective to reduce their emissions or buy credits from someone else who has already done so.
We use the indifference pricing approach to derive the minimum ask price and the maximum bid price, and adopt the economic pricing method to compute the equilibrium price that clears the market.
i], and the other from the change in demand due to the competitor's equilibrium price response, ([partial derivative][q.
Therefore, the equilibrium set of social contracts and the equilibrium price function are functions of citizen preferences, income endowments, and state technology.
Without an interest rate cap, lenders aren't able to specify a "stable equilibrium price point to settle on.

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