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The original square and the four equilateral triangles are then deleted.
The players alternately choose nodes and the player who first marks an equilateral triangle will win the game.
Equilateral triangles have equal sides and all angles are equal to 60 degrees.
Hart based his design for "Rainbow Bits" on an icosahedron transformed via his propellor operator into a three-dimensional mosaic of 20 equilateral triangles and 60 kite-shaped quadrilaterals.
Taping together equilateral triangles so that precisely six triangles meet at each vertex produces a flat sheet.
Many mathematics teachers are familiar with the Venn Diagram classification of triangles that shows clearly that the set of equilateral triangles (E) is a proper sub-set of the isosceles triangles (I).
Materials scientists now report that one of these metal-munching bacterial strains can synthesize silver-containing crystals with well-defined compositions and distinct shapes, including equilateral triangles and hexagons.
This produces equilateral triangles [DELTA]C'AB and [DELTA]P'PB.
Only three regular polygons pack together snugly without leaving gaps: equilateral triangles, squares, and regular hexagons.
Curiously, he has not yet discovered a pattern of equilateral triangles that leads precisely to a toroidal polyhedron.
In one striking example, platinum atoms deposited on a platinum surface form equilateral triangles at 425 kelvins, hexagons at 450 kelvins, and triangles again (but in a different orientation) at 550 kelvins.
Tiles in the shape of equilateral triangles, squares, parallelograms or hexagons do the job nicely.