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More than one class of securities traded together (e.g., one common share and three subscription warrants).


1. A combination of securities or types of securities packaged together and bought and sold as one. For example, a preferred share may have warrants and/or common shares attached to it when it is sold. See also: Paired shares, Cum warrant.

2. One thing that may be exchanged. For example, one dollar is a unit of money.


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AbleNet will also be showcasing various communications devices, environmental control units and access products at the conference; all of which can be viewed in the Heartland Home of Independent Living display.
Since it was founded in 1975, over 45,000 AKS shelters have been tested and proven in over 60 countries around the world, including more than 30,000 Alaska Military Shelters and 15,000 Alaska Environmental Control Units in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The terminals consist of a modified AS-3199 antenna, two 60 kilowatt generators, switch gear, power distribution equipment, two environmental control units, and an additional ECU which is used when the terminal is in the bed down location.
Tom Nikola will now report to Wing as North American Accounts Manager - Environmental Control Units (ECU).
Units that have field deployable environmental control units (FDECU), models 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9, NSN 4120-01-449-0459, pay close attention.
The shelters are constructed of aluminum-faced, nonmetallic honeycomb-sandwich panels and can include features for power and signal distribution, environmental control units and lighting.
This includes Environmental Control Units (ECU), electronic appliance switches, switch mounting systems, home automation systems, signaling and alerting devices, home alarms, television adaptations, smoke alarm and telephone ringers.
Nordic has a long history of designing and delivering high quality environmental control units for industrial and military applications," said John Gilligan, Chairman of HDT International.
Since it was founded in 1975, over 50,000 AKS shelters have been tested and proven in over 55 countries around the world, including more than 28,000 Alaska Military Shelters and 6,500 Alaska Environmental Control Units in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Under this task order, ITT will provide support to the USARCENT STB in conducting maintenance, repair and other services for vehicles, generators and environmental control units in the Central Command area of operations.
Some environmental control units (ECUs) are stand-alone, remote-control boxes, while others require connection to a personal computer.
AbleNet announces a new partnership with the British company Possum Limited, to market and sell their product line in Environmental Control Units (ECU) to the North American market.

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