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If you then encash later, when your tax position has changed - such as retirement - you may then only pay basic-rate tax when the proceeds are brought back to the UK.
YOU printed a letter from Mrs IS, and said that her Royal & SunAlliance with profits bond was just ticking over, with no chance of decent bonuses, so she should encash it.
If you are leaving Switzerland, you first have to make sure all your taxes are paid fully--otherwise the authorities will not give you the de-registration certificate you need in order to encash the pension fund and stop paying Swiss health insurance premiums.
In coming months pensioners, parents and other beneficiaries who currently encash order books and giro cheques at post office counters will receive letters asking them to choose from three other options.
However, careful planning may result in much lower amounts of tax being paid since bond holders can decide when to encash their investments - for example, when they are basic or nil-rate tax payers, rather then higher-rate tax payers.
A RATHER than encash an old PEP, you should transfer it direct to the new company, which will mean you won't lost your PEP allowance for that year and you will leave your current ISA allowance intact.
Ensure that the contract is flexible and that you can encash part or all of the fund (if necessary) without penalties.
encash the bank guarantees to be furnished by Roy in case he defaults in paying the two instalments.
But the PM asserted that it would not exploit Moscow's ban on food imports from other the competitors as an opportunity to encash its strengths.
The 38-year-old Jordanian allegedly abused the power he was given in 2006 by the real estate developer to encash the cheque due from a client as part of payment installments for a flat.
India won a legal battle in Italy, where a court upheld the defence ministry's claim to encash a bank guarantee, given by AgustaWestland while securing a commercial contract to sell 12 VVIP helicopters to the Indian Air Force.
Her family said they have encash the 1kg of gold and will be using the Dh136,000 to build a home back in Kerala.