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Senator Joel Villanueva today welcomed the results of the 2018 Labor Force Survey which showed employment rate in the country has improved this year.
The overall employment rate for fresh graduates from NUS was close to 90%, which is comparable to last year.
Matt Hughes, senior ONS statistician, said: "Another record high employment rate and record low inactivity rate suggest the labour market continues to be strong.
Estonia is ranked eleventh for the employment rate of 55 to 64-year-olds with 65 per cent and ninth for the employment rate of 65 to 69-year-olds with 29 per cent.
Figures suggest women are about a fifth less likely than men to be employed despite a rise in the employment rate which now stands at almost 75 per cent.
Despite Britain's jobs market recovering in recent years and latest statistics showing a rise in the employment rate, which now stands a 74.
Between June and August 2016 women in Wales saw their highest employment rate at 54.
Latest statistics show a rise in the employment rate which now stands at almost 75 per cent.
Female employment rate was half of male employment rate
6 trillion to their total GDP if the employment rate for workers aged over 55 was equal to best-performing EU country Sweden, according to PwC economists.
In detail, non-EU citizens aged 20 to 64 were faced with a notably higher unemployment rate and lower employment rate than nationals.
She added: "There's really good news for the North East too, where the employment rate is at a new record high of 70.

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