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Cap Employment Insurance premium rate increases to five cents a year until the fund is balanced again.
Cases where a new function was envisaged: Employment Insurance Bill C-280 proposed that the Employment Insurance Commission should engage in investing funds--a new function for the Commission requiring a royal recommendation.
At the same rime, the federal government raked in billions and billions of dollars in what were now Employment Insurance premiums.
We contacted the fund, and it quickly came through with $360 for each of the young man's parents--what they thought they would get from employment insurance.
When Ottawa made sweeping reforms to employment insurance (EI) in the mid-1990s, it was seeking, in broad terms, to elevate the principle of insurance within the system.
Since January 2004, Canada's federal government has made provisions for compassionate care leave through its employment insurance scheme.
Parents who take time off to care for their newborns have already paid into the Employment Insurance benefits they receive through payroll deductions--which is much less than their weekly paycheque.
Other programs, such as (Un)Employment Insurance, are income contingent and, thus, may reduce immigrant access to public transfers (Benjamin and Baker 1995; for a detailed discussion of immigrants' use of Employment Insurance see Sweetman, 2001).
A determination by a representative of the Employment Insurance Commissioner that an employee is disqualified from receiving benefits for misconduct presents a mixed question of fact and law.
Employers and employees pay into this program through their share of a national Employment Insurance program and as a further benefit provided by some union Health Care Plans, some employees can enjoy up to 80 percent of their full wages while staying at home with their child.
Companies that provide temporary employees will be hit particularly hard, because often workers go on to other jobs and the company might end up paying employment insurance on several workers who pass through the same job in a year.
UEZ advantages include tax exemptions on personal tangible property, employment insurance subsidies, a onetime New Jersey Income Tax credit and much more.

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