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In the time of Baron Stott-Wartenheim we had a lot of soft-headed people running this Embassy.
Mr Vladimir, jumping up amazed from the depths of the arm-chair, looked over his shoulder; and below, across the courtyard of the Embassy, well beyond the open gate, could be seen the broad back of a policeman watching idly the gorgeous perambulator of a wealthy baby being wheeled in state across the Square.
One of the Vice-Presidents," Mr Verloc breathed out heavily; and the First Secretary of the Embassy raised his head to look at him.
The First Secretary of the Embassy, from his occasional excursions into the field of American humour, had formed a special notion of that class of mechanic as the embodiment of fraudulent laziness and incompetency.
BEIRUT: The Italian Embassy inaugurated a solar energy system Wednesday with a peak output of 4.
We are closely watching the air condition in Delhi, but must confess we are concerned with the level of pollution here," said a US embassy official, unwilling to be named the article.
The unknown people through phone call had told the embassy officials 'that they will blow up the embassy,' sources told.
The Embassy Chef Challenge is DC's only such competition and one of the only opportunities for the public to sample the artistry of these private chefs.
Kesablak, an agent at a Verizon retail store in Van Nuys, and his family were among more than 100 Americans who swarmed the embassy in Awkar, about 10 miles northeast of Beirut, hoping to escape the escalating conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.
There is a security threat to the embassy, so we will be closed until further notice while we reassess our security posture,'' she said in a telephone interview.
In contrast, the Embassy was to be a refined office block, practical and symbolic with a lineage extending from the Uffizi (Vasari's 1550s Government administration office building for the Medicis) to the Seagram building and beyond.
USEUCOM locates, packages and transports the excess property to the American Embassy in the recipient countries.