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UBmatrix president and CEO Sunir Kapoor will remain in his current post, and UBmatrix board director Barry Schuler will join the board of EDGAR Online.
However, Adams says, "Because EDGAR Online has built a conversion tool and has extensive experience in industry taxonomies, the conversion of our own financial statements took relatively little time and effort.
If you currently own shares of EDGAR Online and would like to learn more about the investigation being conducted by Brower Piven, you may email or call Brower Piven, who will, without obligation or cost to you, attempt to answer your questions.
Data providers, like EDGAR Online, are making data available in XBRL so executives can more easily meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements.
DocuSign significantly improved the company's workflow cycle," said Tressa Morgan, sales operations database and client support manager at EDGAR Online.
EDGAR Online is a global leader in making complex information easy to access using XBRL.
Our goal has been to deliver solutions that do not require technical expertise or excessive time commitments by corporations wishing to take part in the SEC Voluntary Program or to familiarize themselves with XBRL," said Philip Moyer, President and CEO of EDGAR Online, Inc.
EDGAR Online is also offering users a limited number of real-time public-company financial statements directly downloaded into Microsoft Excel 2003 worksheets.
Donnelley is very proud to be foremost in our industry in providing client services around XBRL technology and filing through this relationship with EDGAR Online," stated Tom Juhase, President, RR Donnelley Financial Services.
Prior to this, she was director of XBRL at EDGAR Online.
On the same day, EDGAR Online will host a conference call at 5:00 PM EST to discuss the Company's third quarter results.
announced the release of a new version of its premium EDGAR Online Pro service.