Economic indicators

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Economic indicators

The key statistics of the economy that reveal the direction the economy is heading in; for example, the unemployment rate and the inflation rate.


A signal of a security's or the broader economy's health. An indicator may cause a company's stock to rise or fall in price. Indicators can be technical or fundamental in nature. There are three basic types of indicator. A leading indicator occurs before an event or trend takes place, and is thought to be predictive. A coincident indicator happens at the same time as the general trend. Finally, a lagging indicator occurs after the trend is well established, and is thought to confirm it. See also: Signal.
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Traders can measure the economic health of a given country (and its currency) through its economic indicators - but, just like a doctor monitoring a patient's vital signs, not all stats count equally.
Following the description of just about all the major economic indicators, the author provides something not usually found in this type of book: a discussion of international economic indicators and why they are important.
To keep the analysis focused on economic indicators, Frumkin describes more than 60 indicators and groups them in 48 categories.
Building on the informative remarks in the book's introduction, which outline the sources and usefulness of economic indicators in general, concisely illuminating such concepts as annualized and annual movements, seasonality, and measures that use current dollars versus measures that use constant dollars, these specific selections elucidate the full parameters of an indicator's significance.
This work has resulted in the development of three experimental indexes: an index of coincident economic indicators (CEI), an index of leading economic indicators (LEI), and a new series that we call a "recession index" (RI).
A handy reference to understanding key economic indicators and acting on them
The New York-based Conference Board's index, which compiles 10 economic indicators of the US economy's direction for the next three to six months, was up 0.
Trend and Structure Graphics - displaying traces of the main economic indicators in the past five years
The Cabinet Office said in its latest report that the composite index of coincident economic indicators for October stood at 97.
This observation is perhaps at its most accurate when applied to economic indicators in the hands of politicians and other interested parties.
There are leading economic indicators, which are indexes unto themselves, and there's the index of leading economic indicators, which is an index of indexes.
Census Bureau updated its application programming interface today with monthly and quarterly economic indicators.

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