useful life

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Useful life

The expected period of time during which a depreciating asset will be productive.

Useful Life

The amount of time, as determined by the IRS, that an asset is expected to be used. The useful life is important in determining taxes assessed on the depreciated value of the asset each year. Theoretically, an asset's useful life is equal to its absolute physical life, but, because the useful life is an estimation, this is not always the case.

useful life

(1) In accounting and taxation,the time period over which an asset is depreciated.(2) In appraisal,the time period during which one can expect a positive cash flow from a property.

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As Jews prospered in trade and money lending, Jewish women played an increasingly vital and often autonomous part in their family's economic lives, both as merchants and as financial brokers.
In this manner, tax lawyer, Neal Myerberg, of Myerberg, Shain Associates, who consults specifically with charitable organizations, foundations and philanthropists on charitable remainder trusts, considers trusts a conservative investment ideally suited for older individuals with a low risk tolerance who are in the preservation phase of their economic lives.
The project "will have a massive effect on the spiritual and economic lives of the rural population," St.
The San Francisco-based Jhai Foundation, dedicated to improving the social and economic lives of Lao through a variety of programs, believes it can.
Keith Wrightson, Earthly Necessities: Economic Lives in Early Modern Britain.
The essential alternatives we are offered are: either to be controlled in our personal lives or to be controlled in our economic lives.
When I worked on a friend's farm, I learned more about health, communities, and economic lives than I did in any college course.
Other studies paint a more average picture of the financial health of gays, including one by Badgett to be published in a book tentatively titled The Economic Lives of Lesbians and Gay Men.
The Fund is dedicated to helping motivated girls and women to take responsibility for their own economic lives by developing skills, building self-esteem and identifying pitfalls that may impede their success.
People's economic lives were destroyed,'' said Sam Walker, owner of three restaurants and a microbrewery in town, who bemoaned the immortality of earlier reports.
Maybe our problem last winter wasn't the dislocation of our economic lives but our failure to notice just how happy we really were.
The nine NPHC member organizations each have hundreds of chapters on college campuses and alumni chapters in cities across the world and are actively involved in programs that enrich the educational and economic lives of African-Americans.