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Condor Travel also offers eco tourists travel packages that come with carbon credits to mitigate deforestation in the Tambopata National Reserve in the Amazon Basin.
He said the structures are used by members for music, poetry and tai chi and are popular with locals and eco tourists.
The grasslands, which have been such a hit with eco tourists, were often marred by thousands of miles of fences that were erected to fence in cattle.
The country with the highest Gross Happiness Index is also a paradise for trekkers and eco tourists.
Its remoteness makes it a unique destination for eco tourists and peace-seeking visitors.
MONARCH OF GLEN: The Strathspey Steam Railway pulls through the magnificent scenery of the Cairngorms National Park; NATURAL HISTORY: Eco tourists could do worse than head for Scotland
The trio admitted they had visited a rebel-held demilitarised zone but said they were there as eco tourists and were observing peace talks between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).