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The program, seen by some as breaking in spirit rules prohibiting the ECB from underwriting government finances, has been dormant since February.
They have included but are not limited to a case where ECB wrote a violation against a homeowner's deceased husband.
Mr Lind said: "There is a huge global overlay to this which is influencing what the ECB is doing.
The ECB said it is ready to take steps to normalize market conditions if necessary.
The ECB may succeed in preventing prolonged deflation from taking hold, but this is a not a sufficient condition for sustainable growth.
In December 2012, European leaders agreed on a single supervisory mechanism that will empower the ECB with responsibility for regulating banks in the EU.
For the hearing at the court in Karlsruhe, the ECB decided, however, to send Asmussen.
ECB chief Mario Draghi has pledged to buy the bonds of struggling euro zone government bonds in potentially unlimited amounts, but only once they have sought help from the euro zone rescue fund.
At the ECB all funds received are ploughed back into the game in the form of allowances to players, infrastructure development and in some cases we also compensate loss of pay for some of the players.
The ECB should take a page from Wim Duisenberg's playbook (itself strongly influenced by German Bundesbank practices).
The 42-year-old, who played for Glamorgan and earned three England caps before retiring in 1995, impressed during a brief stint last year as acting chief executive when Tim Lamb left the ECB.
Muramatsu added that he does not believe the ECB will step into the market anytime soon, given the current level of the euro.