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5m from earmarked reserves and a limit on the amount of extra money given to schools, saving PS1.
Common earmarked reserves are for financing future capital investment, for PFI (Private Finance Initiative) payments on long-term projects, to cover claims made under a council's self-insurance arrangements and, not least, to safeguard against future grant funding reductions.
6m from its earmarked reserves this year to pay for highways, adult social care, services for children with disabilities and staffing.
This liquidity detection can inter alia be guided by equity evidence, by proof of earmarked reserves, letters of comfort through hard / guarantee statements of third parties or by performance guarantees from banks.
The report states: "Monies that would have been previously set aside to go into earmarked reserves for future significant repair costs are no longer anticipated.
2m should be taken from earmarked reserves in order to keep the council tax increase to effectively under 2%, but the other two political groups blocked a vote on the matter.
9m worth of earmarked reserves, which it must keep to underpin capital projects, and PS14m or 'unearmarked' reserves which it keeps for times of crisis - like flooding.
Capital reserves are already being tapped to repair the highways, the Housing Revenue Account is being used to fund Splott hub, and officers have put forward a proposal to borrow from earmarked reserves in order to pay for voluntary severance payouts.
The actual position on earmarked reserves as at March 31,02 is as follows:
The council has pounds 175,000 in the earmarked reserves for the Civic Hall and councillors have agreed to begin work on the roofing, air conditioning and new seats.
The key figure really is the one for general reserves, because earmarked reserves are already effectively committed to be spent.
Thai will pay the penalty from the its earmarked reserves against disputes, in seven instalments over three years.