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16) Legal assistance attorneys can employ the Empirian case with relevant state statutes to build a foundation upon which to make strong arguments for Soldiers facing early termination fees due to an ETS, retirement, or early discharge.
By offering new broadband speed tiers to residential and commercial customers and eliminating contracts and early termination fees on our residential offers, we are truly simplifying the broadband experience.
Early termination fee should not be charged when the reason for the termination is poor quality service by the operator.
Those terms included boosting the early termination fee from 0.
Formerly, [section] 535(e) did not state whether an early termination fee could be imposed for residential lease terminations.
Heather Tyler of Little Rock accused Alltel of wrongfully charging an early termination fee when canceling the phone service.
lt;p>Google's decision to charge an early termination fee for the Nexus One has been controversial because both Google and T-Mobile currently charge users separate early termination fees if they drop their Nexus One in less than four months.
If acceptance is not indicated, the liquidated damages and early termination fee remedies may not be imposed.
Nextel's Duty said his company's early termination fee is generally $200, although that can vary depending on the contract.
According to him, doing so would lead to an early termination fee of $17,225 in addition to $83,934 for the new software.
AT&T announced an increase in early termination fee (ETF) on new two-year service agreements related to purchase of smartphones and netbooks from $175 to $325, effective June 1.
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