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It didn't take long for us to recognize the significant benefits that ESP brings to our service model, and we are very excited to be the first concept to incorporate this system into our operation," said Steve Bruce, COO of Cafe Enterprises, parent company of Fatz Cafe.
Fatz Cafe was the first multi-unit operation to host a 30-day test deployment of ESP in 2005, deploying the system into one of their leading restaurants.
ESP is a way for operators to tangibly invest in the guest experience," said Devin Green, CEO of ESP Systems.
One of the major benefits that ESP provides is centralized clearing, settlement and delivery across all market destinations and algorithms, so clients get the added benefit of having their Instinet trade executions aggregated along with all other DMA and algorithmic executions and delivered as a single or allocated block trade.
ESP provides high-speed direct market access execution capabilities in US and global equities, options, and futures to buy and sell-side clients.
We believe today's service model across the country is fundamentally broken, evidenced by thousands of guests choosing never to return to an average restaurant each year because of service breakdowns alone," said Devin Green, CEO of ESP Systems.
With ESP, more than 90 percent of these same guests said that ESP would have easily been able to prevent their past negative experiences and preserved their loyalty--and therefore future, repeat visits--to that restaurant.
Since 1992, ESP software has been helping companies track compliance, improve financial performance and manage corporate sustainability programs.
Following the conversion to Cybermation's ESP solution, SC Data Center received immediate benefits, particularly regarding the elimination of latency.
With Cybermation's ESP job scheduling solutions, we are able to better provide our customers with the products they love in a faster, technologically advanced and more efficient way.