European Coal and Steel Community

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European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)

a regional alliance established in 1951 to promote free trade in coal and steel. Its founding members were (West) Germany France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, five of the six countries that later went on to build on the spirit of cooperation kindled by the ECSC to establish the broader based EUROPEAN UNION. One of the main roles of the ECSC is the regulation of the industry's capacity to ensure that long-run supply is kept in line with demand potential and that individual suppliers, including nationalized concerns, are prevented from dominating the market.
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Specifically, we will enable many industries that rely on EO and PO, supplying 60,000 tonnes of EO and 20,000 tonnes of PO per year via pipeline to the PlasChem Park tenants, and we look forward to welcoming ECSC as the first tenant and the second in Jubail 2 after the Dow Reverse Osmosis Membrane project.
Another factor of difference is that the ECSC was the only European treaty that had own resources in the true sense of the term.
First, cheaper and higher quality iron ore was increasingly imported from countries outside the ECSC such as Sweden, South America, and Liberia, and, to a lesser extent, from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Canada, North Africa, and Spain.
The Court found that the succession of the legal framework of the EC Treaty to that of the ECSC Treaty is part of the unity and continuity of the Community legal order and its objectives, which require that the European Community respects the rights and obligations established under the ECSC Treaty.
While ECSC 3-04 has only just completed the tactics portion of the course, the indications are that the changes made from ECCC are on the mark.
Signed over 50 years ago, the first European treaties were based on the energy component, with the advent of the ECSC and Euratom.
There is no doubt that competition among utilities is going to save American business money in energy costs," said Jack Briody, president of Advance Transformer and chairman of the ECSC.
The book, which is well written and shows occasional flashes of both verve and wit, is organized chronologically; the early chapters deal with the interwar and Second World War period, followed by three chapters on the years from 1944 to 1951 (during which time the crucial negotiations and diplomatic maneuvering that would eventually lead to the Schuman Plan and the ECSC occurred), and final chapter on the ECSC itself.
100 FREE - 1, Regan Shattuck-Smallwood, ECSC, 1:01.
The ECSC became the even more powerful European Community (EC)--which, we observed, "was clearly designed to lead nations into a suicidal merger.
The application of the Regulation after the end of the ECSC Treaty and Decision 3632/93/ECSC could cause problems for companies, linked to the two aid systems during the year 2002- the new Regulation is to be backdated.