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Export Credit Agency

A private or semi-governmental body that extends credit to local exporters. ECAs also provide guarantees and insurance for exports, and occasionally for imports as well. Sometimes governments use ECAs to subsidize exporters and related businesses, but this is generally frowned upon in international circles. ECAs are controversial; critics allege that their existence negatively impacts international development as developing countries cannot compete with such insured exports. Proponents of ECAs argue that they enable developing countries to import products they otherwise would not be able to afford.

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

A commission established by the United Nations to foster economic and other cooperation among African states. It promotes trade, food security and other development goals. It was founded in 1958.
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Reed joined ECA after a successful career most recently with Sears Holdings, where he served as president of the company's $3.
While structural reforms have taken place across ECA, the pace of reforms has slowed and large gaps remain for the CIS, in areas such as competition policy, small scale privatization, trade and foreign exchange system, and price liberalization.
Regu Ayyaswamy, Global Head and Vice President, Engineering and Industrial Services, TCS said, The TCS ECA product leverages over 15 years of research by Tata Research Design and Development Centre (TRDDC) combined with Nissan's expertise and inputs on industry specific issues, resulting in a leading product that is ready to meet crucial industry needs.
Yassin further stated that the non-existence of any law subjecting such mergers to monitoring by ECA makes it incapable of doing anything practical to prevent the creation of monopolies.
Subsequently, the MOEA will push the signing of ECA with other trade partners, including the U.
The ECA support for the Airbus planes goes a long way to promote and enhance the already excellent reputation of Airbus, and Al Jaber's ability to secure what we believe to be the first ever ECA backed financing for a private charter airline,' he pointed out.
For more information on the ECA, how to sign up to become a member, and for a list of current membership benefits, please visit: www.
The financing is also significant as the ECA approved it on Dewa's own name without the requirement for any sovereign support in the form of an explicit guarantee.
As the winds of change continued to blow with increasing velocity over Africa and more countries became independent, so the ECA adapted to the new realities.
The ECA scheme allows a business to write off the whole capital cost of their investment in these technologies against their taxable profits for the period in which the investment is made, which can deliver a helpful cash flow boost and a shortened payback period.
Regier and his associates are now analyzing ECA data to determine the characteristics of people most in need of outpatient and hospital treatment for mental disorders.
Orthopaedic surgeons can 'get a grip' in demanding implant procedures with ECA Medical Instruments' new fixed-driver surgical instruments with patented Wick Away technology.