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Does e-procurement represent a new and effective way to reduce purchasing costs?
based Coupa also says it offers the first on demand e-procurement solution for SMBs that automates the entire purchasing process--from requisition, approval and purchase-order creation to requests for quotations (RFQs), quotations, receiving, inventory and invoicing.
According to a new study by the Aberdeen Group, "The 2006 E-Procurement Benchmark Report: E-Procurement 2.
In 2003, the University of Chicago chose AcquireX as the e-procurement provider for the university's Campus Computer Stores.
E-procurement has opened up the competitive process.
The benefits of e-procurement to purchasing organizations include lower transaction costs, faster ordering, greater selection of suppliers, and reduced maverick buying.
The benefits of e-procurement are clear," said Claire Ighodaro, financial controller at BTopen-world and vice-president of CIMA.
With e-procurement, the time needed to issue a manual purchase order, place the order and follow-up with a vendor can be reduced to a few simple points and clicks.
With e-procurement, such order tracking is simplified and needs to be done only if there is a problem.
E-procurement is one example of bow the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses interact.
For most corporates, return on investment seems to be the last thing on their minds, although a recent KPMG report into e-procurement indicates that it could provide companies with up to 15 per cent savings.
Almost all, or 98%, of the fifty heads of purchasing interviewed in the survey said that they believe it is important for an e-procurement vendor to employ professionals with relevant purchasing expertise to design and implement e-procurement systems.