Dynamic hedging

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Dynamic hedging

A strategy that involves rebalancing hedge positions as market conditions change; a strategy that seeks to insure the value of a portfolio using a synthetic put option.

Dynamic Hedging

An investment strategy in which one reduces risk by taking various positions in put options according to changing market conditions. For example, one may buy a put to hedge risk to one security in a portfolio thought to be particularly risky at one time, and then sell that put and buy another when matters change.
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Since this type of strategy is typical of hedging problems, it is worthwhile to derive the dynamic hedge and discuss its operation.
A vertical search engine focused on the complex and dynamic hedge fund industry will deliver important content for one of Institutional Investor's key professional communities.
These dynamic hedge adjustments in response to a fall in prices could introduce further downward pressure on prices.
CHICAGO -- AlphaMetrix, the leading secure online marketplace for private investments, today announced that Saliba Portfolio Management (SPM) has listed its Dynamic Hedge fund as a TransparentFund.
At Ernst & Young we remain committed to continuing to actively support the dynamic hedge fund industry in the future.
Since this type of strategy is typical of hedging problems, it is worthwhile deriving the dynamic hedge and discussing its operation.
The new ETF seeks to capture alpha from these managers' long positions while protecting against protracted market downturns through a dynamic hedge mechanism.
Agio's team has been put through the rigors of what it means to execute mission-critical services for a large and dynamic hedge fund like SAC.
Constellation designs such options by building on its experience, since 1994, as a highly successful dynamic hedge manager of mutual fund fee risk.
MadisonGrey offers traditional fund administration services designed for the particular needs of dynamic hedge funds and funds of hedge funds.
We believe this alliance will generate an exceptional, state-of-the-art outsourcing solution for the dynamic hedge fund industry.
IndexIQ has introduced the first ETF designed to capture the risk and return characteristics of two of the most dynamic hedge fund strategies - global macro and emerging markets

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