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Our analysis shows that there is a very high likelihood (nearly 40% probability) that losses will be below 25 basis points; While on the other hand, there is only about a 3% chance that losses will exceed those of the worst origination cohort of the last downturn.
30, 2006, compared with other media sub-sectors with high operating leverage which have more risk in a downturn.
This is not reflective of any downturn in demand, but of a capacity situation.
In a downturn (such as the industry is in now), write-downs would primarily be limited to forfeiture of option deposits, a fraction of total land value (typically 5%-10%).
While numerous sources throughout the industry anticipate 1999-2000 as a possible beginning for the next downturn, no one among us has a crystal ball.
The question that legal experts will be attempting to answer in the coming months is whether this recent decline is just a temporary blip or the beginning of a downturn in products liability filings.
Signs may indicate that another real estate downturn is over the horizon, but restraint and good market analysis can make that drop much less severe, says Richard F.
As a result, the stock market is now in its worst downturn since the bull market began in October 1990.
The combined company will have more broad geographic diversity as there is very little overlap of operations, improving its capacity to withstand a downturn in one of its regions.
After living through the Fairfield County market downturn and recovery, we recognized parallels in a neighboring market.
11, the national economic downturn, and economic turmoil in South America, recovery has become evident.