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Over the next ten days, the Dow Industrial rallied from 7,524 to 8,521 before beginning a pullback.
As a result, the Dow industrials ended 2007 with a gain of 801 points, or 6.
The Dow industrials picked up to positive territory in final hours of trading.
Since last week, the Dow industrials have been following an upward trend, helped by expectations for an additional interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve.
The Dow industrials have thus surged 628 points since the beginning of this week.
In the afternoon, equities broadly came under strong selling pressure, with the Dow industrials gathering a downward pace toward the close of the session.
The NYSE imposes its ``uptick'' rule, curbing certain types of computer-guided trading in order to stabilize the market, after the Dow industrials fall 50 points.
Our Blue-Chip Select(TM) program tries to chose the best performers of the 30 Dow Industrials using our proprietary research.
In New York, 11 of the 30 stocks in the Dow Industrials didn't open in the first hour of trading.
After a 9-month advance in the Dow Industrials that reached 33% at its height, Ziskin now warns that danger may be ahead.
We designed Blue-Chip Select to outperform the Dow Industrials by recommending equity purchases that our research shows may be predictable for a predetermined period," explained John H.