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Royal Philips Electronics and Sony will license the Double Density CD formats together.
The double density discrete wavelet transform (DDDWT) was based on oversampled FIR filter banks.
Talk of the double density connector leads to talk of what Deutsch has been developing over the last year and which it has been releasing since showing the 14-64 connector--size 14 with 64 contacts--at a motorsport engineering expo in Orlando last December.
The original floppy drive was single-sided, single density, which was then increased to double-sided, then double-sided, double density, and finally to the high density and double-sided disk we use today as the 1.
One of them is a quadruple density digital video disc player, the other a double density player.
Additionally, the company announced commercial availability of its double density BEQ[TM]6200 8:1 QAM, designed to give service providers twice the capacity to address the growing bandwidth demands at the edge of the network, where rack space is at a premium.
As an innovated optoelectronics transceiver solution provider, Optowiz has released this double density HD-SFP designed to transmit on one sub-band (Low-Band) of each CWDM wavelength and receive on the other sub-band (High-Band) -- see 2WL Band diagram above.