word processor

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Word Processor

A computer program allowing one to write, edit and format content. One writes the content and may either print it or save it in an electronic format. Word processors developed in the 1960s and were popularized in the 1970s and 1980s. Word processing was one of the first business uses for the personal computer.

word processor

a COMPUTER software program package designed for the manipulation of text. Word processors have dramatically improved the speed with which business documents can be produced by making the correction of errors or rearrangement of blocks of text easier.
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In contrast to all the existing online word processors TeamLab Document Editor provides.
It further facilitates MCM through access rights and allows corporate IT to prevent data loss, security and compliance breaches by controlling what users can do with corporate data on their mobile devices using natively built-in document editor.
Faxcore, who serves as the Task Group Whip; and document editors including Michael Chen, LSI Corporation, and Kevin P.
It further facilitates Mobile Content Management (MCM) through access rights and by controlling what users can do with corporate data on their mobile devices using a natively built-in document editor.
This has been made possible through policy driven control over the mobile apps and its built-in document editor.
To edit a document (for example), click "Open in Pages" at the top of the screen (an appropriate document editor, e.
XBRL instances can be combined for analysis and audit reports, enriched with external data and components such as graphs, and embedded into the XBRL report document editor.
Customers are not locked into the Agnisys file format since the files are stored in the native document editor, under complete control of the user.
99, formerly named MobileFiles Pro, and Quickword[R] Word document editor for $12.
Having the document editor and management capabilities in one integrated lightweight, controllable environment is a big win for corporate IT shops.
Easily Create Communications In-Context - Through its web-based WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) document editor, front-office users can easily create and manipulate communications in-context of the document itself, and present the document exactly as it will be printed.

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