Department of the Interior

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U.S. Department of the Interior

A department in the United States charged with overseeing national parks and most other land owned by the federal government. It is also responsible for conserving wildlife and managing U.S. relations with Native Americans. It was established in 1849.

Department of the Interior (DOI)

A department of the federal government, established in 1849 to take charge of the country's internal affairs.Lightheartedly referred to as the “department of everything else” at one time, it was originally responsible for all affairs not handled by the Department of Foreign Affairs (now the State Department), Treasury Department, and War (now Defense) Department. Today, it is responsible for Indian affairs, national parks, wildlife management, and surface mining, to name a few areas. More information is available at its Web site,, which includes Webcams for several national parks and the city of Washington,D.C.

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In April 2012, Doi became the research director for France-based Renault.
Doi, of Fallows Court, Middlesbrough, was ordered to pay for the damage and an PS85 costs bill.
El DOI, que se crea en 1998, surge de una iniciativa de editores internacionales quienes se reunieron en la Feria del Libro de Frankfurt en octubre de 1997 y decidieron desarrollar un sistema de identificacion univoca de documentos para ser usado en ambientes digitales (International DOI Foundation, 2013).
However, I am against the use of processed packages of dashi, which is not authentic," added Doi.
Previously, Doi held senior legal positions with major financial institutions in Tokyo, including State Street Bank and Trust company and CIGNA/ACE Insurance.
According to the DOI Foundation site, DOIs can be considered "the bar code for intellectual property" (www.
In 1997, Doi stepped down as chairman to take responsibility for a payoff scandal involving ''sokaiya'' racketeers.
DOI income occurs in a foreclosure transaction only if the lender discharges part or all of any deficiency on taking the property securing it.
Ron Barnett, an entrepreneur and expert macadamia nut grower from northern New South Wales, Australia, volunteers much of his time to advising Doi Tung on successful cultivation of macadamia nuts and a variety of cash crops.
By putting herself at the bottom of the list, Doi was apparently aiming to try to expand the overall support base for the SDP and help the junior members such as Kiyomi Tsujimoto, a 45-year-old convicted former SDP lawmaker, win a seat.
In contrast to the Curtain Wall House, also in Tokyo, where white curtains provide an outer skin, enclosing a terrace around the glass sliders that protect the interior, the white polyester curtains of the Doi house are hung within the shutters and billow out only when they are open.
The contract ceiling is $50 million and was issued under the DOI Minerals Management Service, GovWorks franchise authority.