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New Treasury issues in dealers' hands are said to be distributed.


1. A situation in which a security's or market's trading volume is higher on a given trading day than the previous trading day without any price appreciation. This is taken as an indicator that the security or market has hit its highest price and will soon decline.

2. The payment of the assets in an IRA or other retirement account to the account holder or his/her beneficiary. Distributions usually begin after retirement, but may begin before with the payment of applicable penalties.

3. A dividend paid to a company's or mutual fund's shareholders.

4. An institution's consistent sale of a single security over a long period of time as opposed to all at once. This is done to avoid causing fluctuations in price. See also: Accumulation.
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A representation must be made that the fair market value of what is being distributed substantially approximates what is being given up.
If a complicated set of requirements is met, including (a) no more than five individuals or corporations directly own 100% of the distributing corporation's stock immediately before the distribution, (b) the distributee directly owns the corporation distributed for five years after the distribution and (c) the foreign distributee is a resident of a U.
The MathWorks today introduced Distributed Computing Toolbox 3, which represents a major breakthrough for parallel algorithm development by enabling engineers and scientists to prototype and develop parallel algorithms in MATLAB[R] interactively and without the need to program message passing.
Although both types of AE&P are treated as dividends when they are actually distributed, the SSRA offered no guidance to distinguishing between the two types of accumulations if a corporation had been both a C and an S corporation under pre-SSRA law.
Schmidt is an internationally renowned and widely cited expert on distributed computing middleware, object-oriented patterns and frameworks, and distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems.
Thus, care must be taken in selecting the property to be distributed.
0, corporations and organizations will be able to build intelligent, mobile applications that are widely distributed and dynamic, and run on multiple wireless networks, as well as embedded or wireless (edge) devices while maintaining interoperability with many different enterprise systems.
As a general rule, however, assets with basis in excess of FMV should not be distributed to a shareholder because the potential loss cannot be used by either the corporation or the distribute shareholder.
The Distributed Computing Toolbox support for third-party schedulers, such as Microsoft's Job Scheduler within Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and Platform Computing's Platform LSF, lets users better address those challenges by enabling them to integrate MathWorks distributed computing tools into their existing distributed computing environments, saving time, increasing productivity, and reducing overall cost.
Any corpus distributed during the life of the current income beneficiary may be distributed only to such beneficiary.
The vision behind SMS 2003 is getting software updates out to all of our customers' distributed servers as quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently as possible," said Felicity McGourty, director of product management in the Windows and Enterprise Management Division at Microsoft.
Distributing AE&P instead of AAA leaves the AAA undiminished, so that it can be distributed free of tax in subsequent years.

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