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This is a Distress Sale on this open and operating business and price reflects this Sale of Real Estate and Business.
All five of their stations were slated for a revocation hearing, but in 2003, the commission relented to allow them to pursue a minority distress sale to Lazer Broadcasting Corporation in 2004.
CAG initiates audit query into the distress sale of 5Boeings by AI at throwaway price
The Government also implements Price Support Scheme (PSS) and Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) in order to provide remunerative prices to the farmers and avoid distress sale.
Global Banking News-17 March 2009-Indian companies may resort to distress sale on pressure from banks(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Far from a distress sale, the orderly liquidation process, in fact, serried as another model of black wealth building and estate management.
Some say the bank transaction was a distress sale .
This delay often gives the business time to buy out the decedent's interest and avoid a distress sale to outside parties.
It's a distress sale and I just got the call last night from a longtime associate," said CEO Michael Anthony.
The move was proposed by the petroleum ministry as it wanted to avoid a distress sale in the stock market.
The objective of the scheme is to create scientific storage with allied facilities in rural areas to meet various requirements of farmers for storing their farm produce till the market prices are favorable and to prevent distress sale by creating the facility of pledge loan and marketing credit.
Our guys took over Tala and (they) used that court case to give the public the impression that they were having this distress sale,'' Malone said.