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PAC Bond

A collateralized mortgage obligation that seeks to protect investors from prepayment risk. PACs do this by setting a schedule of payments; if prepayments of the underlying mortgages exceed a certain rate, the life of the PAC is shortened. If they fall below a certain rate, the life of the tranche is extended. This helps protect investors in case the holders of the underlying mortgages do not pay off their mortgages as expected.


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With the Fujitsu solution for Discrete Manufacturing, companies benefit from managing their businesses in "real real-time," facilitating sales growth, operational efficiency and financial agility.
Cunha goes on to reveal how advanced discrete manufacturing can help, including:
Our motivation to deploy Oracle's Manufacturing Execution System for Discrete Manufacturing is two-fold: to improve shop efficiencies through improved visibility and to enhance the user's experience through increased functionality," said Hanover Compressor CIO and Vice President Stephen York.
In a recent post, Cunha offers up areas for improvement within advanced discrete manufacturing, including:
National Instruments, a pioneer and leader in measurement and automation technology, is using Oracle Discrete Manufacturing to increase production flexibility and capacity levels, while improving overall quality.
With advanced discrete manufacturing, we see a change in thinking that's focused on productive and resourceful manufacturing.
He will have responsibility for all software development and marketing programs for Consilium's products targeted at discrete manufacturing companies.
I say go out and find sources of information…to inspire your advanced discrete manufacturing process," writes Luciano Cunha, Global Industry Director, To-Increase.
As advanced discrete manufacturing moves into the future, there's an ever-growing need to speed up production, while reducing costs and manual procedures.
This is a significant challenge for all discrete manufacturing companies; clearly PTC has listened to its customers on this issue.
With Microsoft Dynamics as a tool for advanced discrete manufacturing, look to see more efficiency and speed in and out of the manufacturing space," writes Luciano Cunha, Global Industry Director, To-Increase.
For far too long, the discrete manufacturing industry has been dealing with the realities and repercussions of the recession," writes post author Luciano Cunha, Global Industry Director, To-Increase.

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