Discrete random variable

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Discrete random variable

A random variable that can take only a certain specified set of individual possible values-for example, the positive integers 1, 2, 3, . . . For example, stock prices are discrete random variables, because they can only take on certain values, such as $10.00, $10.01 and $10.02 and not $10.005, since stocks have a minimum tick size of $0.01. By way of contrast, stock returns are continuous not discrete random variables, since a stock's return could be any number.

Discrete Random Variable

A variable that can take only one of several definite values. For example, one's FICO score is a discrete random variable because it can only be a positive integer between 300 and 850.
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Further, Mike showed that models of discrete variables that allow for changes in variance outperform constant variance specifications.
The feasible space of the discrete variables is subdivided in the BB procedure.
Analysis of the other discrete variables showed no significance to previous ESWL, presence of a ureteric stent or gender (Fig.
Ground reaction force-time histories and the values of the selected discrete variables normalized to body weight were typical of a vertical landing task (Table 1).
This work is devoted to a description of a type of orthogonal polynomials in two discrete variables related to representations of the quantum group [U.
1) Ten continuous and seven discrete variables were selected as independent variables in order to examine attitudinal, demographic, and psychographic information.
Which discrete variables might be involved (variables that cannot be modified along a continuum; examples of discrete variables are: male or female; additive type A or B or C)?
Instead, the probability derivative for each discrete variable is calculated using a one-unit change in that variable, holding the other discrete variables at their mean.
In the car wash experiment, the detergent types, such as Tubmagic and Pink Laundry, are also discrete variables.
Batch process control, which is common in the brewing industry, is characterized by the simultaneous manipulation of both analog and discrete variables based on a given batch sequence.
The Genetic algorithm is not continuous because of the discrete variables shading dimensions.

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