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GOVERNMENTS, in their efforts to keep as many voters as possible happy, have always tried to regulate the operation of shops, dictating opening hours, discount periods and what specific shops can sell.
The purpose of this article is to provide the forensic economist with empirical evidence as to the validity of the use of historical averages across a set of different discount periods.
The authors find that the relative importance of any mean shift is a function of the duration of the discount period for expected earnings.
This has not only hit short-term profits, but as consumers have become used to the lower prices, due to the extended nature of the discount periods, so they have found it harder to stop giving discounts, or end sales promotion periods.
The net decrease was offset by (i) a net increase in value of real estate assets under development of $1,747,042 which results primarily from changes in the net realizable value estimates, including the shortening of the discount periods as a result of the passage of time and sales of condominium units and homes and (ii) operating income of approximately $1,272,765 which primarily represents interest income earned from cash and cash equivalents.
Avoidance tactic: Most cheap deals charge early repayment fees but avoid ones that extend beyond discount periods so you can remortgage.
Penalty charges and discount periods for on and off-street parking have been harmonised.
The software also allows for the creation and tracking of due dates and discount periods, allowing the company to avoid interest payments and to take maximum advantage of discount periods.
These service providers may have promotional programs that include free months or initial discount periods.
Current toll band pricing schedules and the time of day/weekend discounts are not used, so that customers don't have to wait for discount periods to make regional calls.
The evening and night discount periods have been combined into one off-peak period (6 p.