discount broker

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Discount broker

A brokerage house featuring relatively low commission rates in comparison to a full-service broker.

Discount Brokerage Firm

A brokerage firm that provides transaction services predominantly or exclusively. That is, a discount broker provides clients with little or no research or investment advice; rather, it specializes in completing the transactions for which clients ask. Discount brokers usually rely on computer programs to find matching offers or bids. They charge lower commissions than other brokers and rely on a high volume of orders for a profit. See also: Deep Discount Brokerage Firm.

discount broker

A real estate broker who offers limited services in return for a commission rate lower than what is generally available in the marketplace.The most common service offered is listing a property on a multiple listing service,but all prospective buyers are then referred directly to the owner.

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If you have the time and discipline to research and follow stocks, then your club could get by using a discount broker, says Simone A Thompson, account executive in investments with Dean Witter Reynolds in New York City.
E[acute accent]Vhayu's technology platform enables investment banks, prime brokers, hedge funds, online discount brokers and alternative-equity and fixed-income trading systems to develop applications that require a high-frequency data store for pre-trade analysis, market sweeping for best execution, real-time compliance, storing and analyzing the entire depth-of-book, building and testing complex algorithmic trading strategies and transaction cost analysis (TCA).
Now," says Proctor, a reporter for WXYZ-TV (an ABC affiliate) in Detroit, "because I know enough to handle my own trades, it makes sense for me to use a discount broker to move in and out of the market.
Discount brokers such as New York's Charles Schwab & Co.
The Your Discount Broker name will be retained and the business will be operated as a division of Muriel Siebert & Co.
TD Waterhouse is the UK's second biggest, and one of the world's largest discount brokers, providing investors with a broad range of brokerage, mutual fund, banking and other consumer financial products.
Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, National Discount Brokers Group, Inc.
Some discount brokers like Schwab have also allowed their customers to place electronic trades with special in-house software programs.
Partnered with Reuters, SunGard (FAME), TIBCO, InfoDyne, Integra SP, HyperFeed and Semotus, VhaYu's customer base includes broker/dealers, the leading online discount broker, hedge funds, market data providers and alternative trading systems.
While this novice investor was savvy enough to invest on his own using a discount broker, Telfair was dead set on working with a full-service brokerage house.
KANA(R) (NASDAQ: KANA), a leading provider of service resolution management (SRM) solutions, today announced that TD Waterhouse UK, the UK's second largest discount broker, with over 350,000 investors, has revolutionized its approach to customer service after implementing KANA IQ.
the "Company") (NYSE: NDB), an online discount broker and NASDAQ market maker, announced today that it expects to report revenue of approximately $67 million and a net loss in the range of $0.