disclosure statement

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Disclosure Statement

1. A document given to a potential borrower by a lender stating all the terms of the loan. This includes the interest rate, the length of the loan, and any applicable fees. Lenders are required to provide disclosure statements. See also: Truth in Lending Act.

2. A document given to a potential IRA account holder stating all the terms of the IRA. This includes the rules, penalties, and applicable fees associated with the IRA. IRA providers are required to provide disclosure statements and give the account holder seven days to opt out of the account with no penalties.

disclosure statement

(1) Also called the Reg-Z box, information required by Regulation Z of the federal Truth in Lending Act.(2) Any other federally required or state-required document designed to inform consumers of rights,responsibilities,or property defects.

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The Dashboard proposal involves publishing quarterly information from locally incorporated banks on the Reserve Banks website in a standardised and easily comparable manner, replacing the requirement for locally incorporated banks to prepare off-quarter disclosure statements.
KUWAIT, April 14 (KUNA) -- The Public Anti-Corruption Authority (PACA) said Tuesday it started receiving financial disclosure statements of senior officials who should disclose their finances in line with the Financial Disclosure Law.
Reducing the number of "revised" Disclosure Statements that are currently necessary to account for changes that occurred between the time the application was taken and the date that the policy is ultimately issued.
Since disclosure statements have been published with EHP articles, we have received comments from some readers questioning the accuracy of competing financial interest declarations made by a few authors.
Theoretically, taxpayers can avert filing additional disclosure statements by obtaining a waiver of confidentiality--in language identical to that set forth in Treas.
None of these employees had filed financial disclosure statements.
Now, in disclosure statements released to the public in October 1991, lenders for the first time have reported on all home loan applications they received and their disposition, plus the race or national origin, gender, and annual income of the applicants.
com/research/9e2f57/what_bankruptcy_la) has announced the addition of the "What Bankruptcy Lawyers Need to Know About New Requirements for Drafting Disclosure Statements in 2011 " audioconference to their offering.
Moreover, the exceptions to disclosure are too narrow to afford taxpayers with meaningful relief and minimize the preparation and filing of excessive and unnecessary disclosure statements.
The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) today urged taxpayers who failed to file or filed incomplete disclosure statements (IRS 8886) regarding their reportable or listed transactions to take action before October 1, or face the possibility of stiff penalties.
The system creates operational efficiencies for healthcare organizations by automating the collection, distribution, submission and management of annual conflict of interest disclosure statements.
On February 25, 2005 the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Detroit, granted preliminary approval to the combined plans and disclosure statements of three plan proponents in the Chapter 11 case of American Production Machining, LLC ("APM").