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If MPs take paid directorships or practise law for life experience not greed, they shouldn't take a pay rise.
She said managers offered a directorship should ensure they were comfortable with the firm's management accounts, business plan and cashflow forecast as well as its bank facilities, direction and officers' liability insurance and health and safety policies.
Interlocking directorships have also been the subject of empirical studies for many years.
He insisted he wasn't breaching his directorship ban, but refused to explain his role.
It's two female directors are executive directorships, a distinction among BSE- 100 companies.
There are currently 113 women holding 131 FTSE 100 directorships, compared with 834 men holding 947 posts.
No MP will hold any directorships or other second jobs, all MPs' expenses and travel claims will be posted monthly on the internet, properties used by MPs as second homes should be owned by Crown Estate (ie: publicly owned, used by MPs and returned to the nation after a member leaves office), and voters should be given the right of recall - to insist their MP stands for re-election - if a trigger threshold of petition numbers is reached based on suspected misconduct.
Victoria Beckham holds directorships of seven companies currently trading, including Brand Beckham, Inside Track, Octopus Direct, and Footwork Productions.
Heightened Liability Risk Will Not Deter Directorships
1mhas been barred from holding directorships for three years.
Three other new directorships have been created in the shake-up, said Hughes.
He held directorships with four of the five companies put into liquidation last week and still has interests in other firms.

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