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Look the matter in the face and state it in direct terms.
The men of the Middle Ages often wrote, as we do, in direct terms and of simple things, but when they wished to rise above the commonplace they turned with a frequency which to-day appears astonishing to the devices of abstract personification and veiled meanings.
For openers, sir William Gage, the panel's chairman, suggests Weston needs to make the BHA's case against Best in clearer, more direct terms.
Acoustic engineers present an introductory text on the physical, mathematical, and technical foundations of the principle elements of audio-frequency sound and vibrations in clear and direct terms.
We provide clients with third-party articles to help explain annuities in more basic or direct terms and support the concept.
direct terms and conditions: "You should healthy, non-smoker and not be
According to Article 14, the new body shall replace the Ministry of Communications and the Central Agency for Information Technology in direct terms of reference, each within the limits assigned to it by law for the body of the terms of reference six months after the issuance of the Executive Regulations of the Authority.
In strong, direct terms, he laments Kennedy's failure in earlier years to stand up to Joseph McCarthy, and guides him through the treacherous shoals of running for president as a religious minority.
Table 1: Elements of Hypnosis Technique Elements Behaviors Induction * Controlled breathing * Progressive relaxation * Guided imagery Deepening * Counting * Suggesting feelings of heaviness or lightness * Suggesting increasing feelings of relaxation Therapeutic Suggestion * Suggestion constructed to address a specific therapeutic goal * May be framed in direct terms or indirect terms Reversal * Counting backwards in conjunction with suggestions to become more and more awake * Behaviors (e.
The impact that this piece of equipment could have in the event of an emergency is staggering and, in the most direct terms, could be the difference between life and death.
It tells us our worth to the company in very direct terms.