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Critics complain that a digital computer lacks awareness or understanding, that it is just making unconscious computations.
However, this will not help with the problem of whether digital computers can exhibit intelligence unless we are prepared to assert that the human brain is digital in action.
For the last 30 years, AI researchers have designed digital computer programs in which information is processed through operations on strings of arbitrary symbols.
These are the problems where the sheer volume of complex data and variables prevent digital computers from achieving results in a reasonable amount of time.
Hundreds of I/O Interface Options -- Atlas Universal Digital Computers take advantage of the wide offering of industry-standard, third-party I/O interface modules.
Endorsed at that time by Netscape, Spyglass, NEC, Digital Computers and over 15 other leading Internet vendors, VRML has since become an official ISO standard supported by Microsoft Corp.
The new Gillette-sponsored search resource will harness AltaVista search software, super-fast Digital computers and a data collector or "super spider" to perform the work.

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