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A small charge added to the purchase price and subtracted from the selling price by the dealer for odd-lot quantities.


1. The degree of change in quality of the underlying asset on a futures contract that is allowed. Every futures contract specifies the quality of the commodity underlying it that must be delivered in order for the seller to fulfill the contract. The differential allows the seller to deliver a good of a different quality, at least within certain limits. Not all futures contracts allow for differentials.

2. A change in the location of delivery that some futures contracts allow the seller to make at his/her discretion.


1. In commodities trading, the premium or discount in the futures contract price caused by delivering a commodity that does not exactly meet the standards fixed by the exchange. Allowances for these differentials are included in the contract specifications.
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If you have an open differential in your rig, purchase an aftermarket limited-slip unit.
Despite our efforts, however, there are always going to be clinicians who will order a manual differential up front with their initial CBC.
While the inflation rates are generally higher for the CPI than for the PCE index, the differentials for both overall and core inflation change over time.
When the back of the car threatens to swap places with the front, engaging the differential on a front-drive vehicle allows the system to "turn up the volume" on the steering through the interaction of the driveline forces and steering geometry.
We do not expect a temperature differential of more than six degrees F.
The average percentage price differential between the United States and the other major pharmaceutical markets is greater for psychiatric drugs than for any of the other therapeutic areas analyzed in this report.
The Eaton EGerodisc is a hydraulically-operated electronically controlled limited slip differential that is capable of providing variable torque up to full axle lock.
Eaton electronically controlled differentials provide an enhanced level of traction on variable terrain and surfaces.
This partnership establishes a structure for Eaton mechanical locking differentials to be sold as part of Dandong Shuguang Axle assemblies within the Peoples Republic of China.
Hardis, Eaton Corporation's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, today announced that the company will open a plant in Korea to build limited slip differentials for Korean auto makers Hyundai and Kia.

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