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In fact, recent studies, again using official data, show that the deutsche mark was already weaker in 1998, at the eve of the euro, than it was in 1980, almost twenty years before.
As an example, let's assume that our Nigerian company is expecting to receive a payment of DM100,000 into its dollar account in three months time, and the company's objective is to hedge the downside risk (ie, the risk that the deutsche mark may weaken).
dollar exchange rate and the deutsche mark LIBOR rate.
Treasury Exchange Federal Stabilization Period and item Reserve Fund Valuation profits and losses on outstanding assets and liabilities, June 30, 1997 Deutsche marks 426.
Estimates on the cost of unification in 1991 range as high as several billion deutsche marks, with the bill to be shared by the public and private sectors.
The planned invitation will cover Mexico's fixed-rate Brady Bond (also known as Par Bonds) denominated in Deutsche Marks, Dutch Guilders, French Francs and Italian Lire.
An offshore portion of the financing totals 182 million Deutsche Marks (approximately $100 million) while onshore loans are denominated in US$, Deutsche Marks and Rupees.
Pianohaus Karl Lang is Germany's largest retail store for acoustic keyboard instruments with 29 employees and annual sales of approximately 8 million Deutsche marks.
ARNO is one of Europe's three largest in-store marketing companies, with over 70 years of experience and approximately 70 million Deutsche Marks ($XX US) in revenue.
With annual revenues estimated at $725 million Deutsche Marks, or roughly $425 million U.
The purchase price was approximately 3 million Deutsche marks.
Specific arrangements have been made for issuance in Deutsche marks and French francs.
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