Futures exchange

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Futures Exchange

An exchange on which futures contracts are traded. A futures contract is traded on a futures exchange; this allows them to be standardized contracts, which reduces uncertainty for investors. Futures exchanges are useful because it allows investors to make either speculative investments or hedges based on the expected future price for a commodity or other underlying asset. Many futures exchanges are also options exchanges.

Futures exchange.

Traditionally, futures contracts and options on those contracts have been bought and sold on a futures exchange, or trading floor, in a defined physical space.

In the United States, for example, there are futures exchanges in Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and New York.

As electronic trading of these products expands, however, buying and selling doesn't always occur on the floor of an exchange. So the term is also used to describe the activity of trading futures contacts.

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The new Singapore Exchange is "the first de-mutualized, integrated securities and derivatives exchange in the Asia-Pacific," a statement from the company said.
Jorge Alegria, IOMA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer), believes the stellar lineup of participants will offer a unique perspective on the important changes in the derivative space.
The company's X_TRADER([R]) software and related services provide direct access to dozens of the major international derivatives exchanges.
now offers connectivity to the Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) through Patsystems.
NYSE Euronext, which brings together six cash equities exchanges in five countries and six derivatives exchanges in six countries, is a world leader for listings, trading in cash equities, equity and interest rate derivatives, bonds and the distribution of market data.
Fimat has over 1 900 employees over 26 financial marketplaces and is a member of 44 derivatives exchanges and 19 stock exchanges around the world.
Direct high speed connections to all the leading derivatives exchanges
Its comprehensive product set incorporates multi-asset direct access trading systems, FIX-compliant order routing, comprehensive data and market access to European & North American equity, options and derivatives exchanges and ECNs.
These activities fit well with VDM's mid-term growth strategy to expand its facilitating role as global liquidity provider on all major electronic derivatives exchanges.
The company's software and services provide direct access to the world's major derivatives exchanges.
During 2005, RJO, a member of the world's top derivatives exchanges, cleared and executed more than 29 million futures contracts (up 24 percent from 2004) and 9.
MEXICO CITY -- The Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer), the derivatives subsidiary of the Mexican Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana BMV), the second largest exchange in Latin America, and CME Group, the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, today announced the successful launch of their south-to-north connection, giving Mexican investors access to CME Group's benchmark derivatives contracts including interest rates, foreign currencies, equity indexes, energy, metals and agricultural commodities.