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However, derivatives markets can also lead to excessive and opaque risk taking which may result in systemic risk, especially so in context of Over the Counter (OTC) derivative markets.
Where commodity derivative markets exist and market authorities were yet to be fully compliant, many of those market authorities had identified initiatives aimed at achieving full compliance over time.
The move comes as part of a restructuring under which Doug Howland and Kester Ng will be promoted to joint heads of equity capital and derivative markets for the Asia Pacific region at JP Morgan.
In a letter to the Financial Stability Board and other policy organizations, WFE encouraged global standard setting bodies to demonstrate continued support for the G20 commitments to bring greater transparency and central clearing to derivative markets by ensuring that the costs of ETD markets are not unnecessarily increased.
Where commodity derivative markets did exist, and Market Authorities were non-compliant, many have initiatives underway aimed at achieving full compliance in time.
The study was commissioned by the WFE to provide a detailed and unprecedented comparative analysis of OTC and exchange-traded derivative markets with a focus on market size, trade costs and the anticipated impacts of current regulatory reforms.
They are aimed at contributing to enhanced price discovery in commodity derivative markets as opposed in themselves to addressing absolute price levels or price volatility in an underlying physical commodity.
Radar Logic will publish a daily price index, matching more closely the existing financial derivative markets.
is a specialized provider of international financial information for Forex, Money, Fixed Income, Energy and OTC Derivative Markets.
NEW YORK -- Though still a 'new face' to the credit derivative markets, credit derivative product companies (CDPCs) are rapidly making a name for themselves, according to a new criteria report by Fitch Ratings.
BGC is active in the global fixed income, interest rate, foreign exchange and derivative markets, offering both telephone and screen-based price discovery, trade execution, straight-through processing and access to electronic trading services from eSpeed Inc.
With 25 years of hands-on market experience as a chief forex dealer, desk manager, and specialist in market making, swap pricing, and forex spot and derivative markets, Hoerter will unite new and seasoned investors and traders to the wide range of products and services available to retail and institutional customers at PFG.