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We'll see whether this impulse guides the Democrats to resist the predations of the religious right.
In the House, Republicans currently outnumber Democrats 229 to 205 (with one Independent), and powerful Democrats in Washington were wooing her to run.
A shift of minorities has forced Democrats to pay attention to the collar counties in this election--a strategy that "wasn't as obvious four years ago," Poshard said.
In the end, the House approved the trade legislation by an unexpectedly large 237-197 vote, as two-thirds of the Republicans joined with one third of the Democrats in support of PNTR.
Democrats have more sex in an average week than Republicans.
Still, few if any Democrats seem willing to bet much on that evidence that the tax revolt is ending.
Thomas said late Tuesday of the congressional political shift: ``The Democrats must perform now that they control Congress.
But even if the Democrats gain a majority in Congress in 2006, it won't be a progressive majority.
Thomas Gale Moore's 1981 survey of post-World War II administrations led him to state that "Republicans increased real spending 60 percent faster than Democrats [and boosted] social welfare programs 14 percent more generously than did the party which trumpets its concern for the poor and the elderly.
Senate, the election of just a couple of new Democrats could return that party to power and stop the proposed amendment to the U.
WHEN THE DEMOCRATS narrowly lost the House and Senate ha 2002, party activists launched a blame game.