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Hon Dogara said, 'Even if certain principles of democracy were normal before, in this age of new normal, you have people questioning it.
Writ large, Dayal's article rightly captures the crisis of global democracy in 2017, which he characterizes as "a year of hate, and bloodshed".
He said democracy encourages consensus instead of differences and electoral process in the country is playing an important role in strengthening democracy.
He said that democracy is a system of public-interest where decisions are not made on roads, but in the parliament, and, democracy is not limited to holding elections but a best system to solve people's problems.
Democracy Earth Foundation was founded by Santiago Siri, the technical lead for the open source Sovereign software project.
Tocqueville is not enamoured of Paine's interpretation of democracy as transparent.
Dawood Murdian, chairperson of the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS), sees democracy in the people's participation in elections.
Zardari said that democracy was much more than merely holding elections periodically to distribute political power among parties and individuals according to their electoral strength.
Walter Bagehot defined democracy as ' Government by discussion'.
Shortly after he replies 'The only way to make truth out of the world we're living in is to dispel the aura of the word democracy and assume the burden of not being a democrat and so being heartily disapproved of by "everyone"(tout le monde)'(7).
Their demand has been to restore democracy and reinstall Morsi as president, since he is the rightful and democratically elected president of Egypt.
The achievement of universal education would allay Aristotle's own doubts about democracy.