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Teradata Demand Chain Management, on premise or in the cloud, delivers the most accurate forecast for the retail industry where it counts, at whatever point of purchase suits the customer," said Mardie Noble, vice president, Demand Chain Management Product Strategy & Engineering for Teradata.
Teradata Demand Chain Management links consumer demand with inventory levels and sales forecasts, by item, by location, weekly, and daily.
To learn more about Teradata Demand Chain Management, please visit the Teradata website.
Through the unique combination of Pivotal's demand chain management applications running on the Microsoft's family of .
Teradata's enhanced Demand Chain Management solution enables companies to increase customer service levels by balancing inventory investment with customer demand.
Teradata Demand Chain Management utilizes a "bottom-up" approach to linking consumer demand with inventory levels and sales forecasts, by item, by location, weekly, and daily.
These productions will include audio clips on demand chain management, video product presentations and other special broadcasts of specific interest to the retail market.
a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is an Irving, Texas based company providing demand chain management tools, software and systems integration for retailers, trade exchanges and net market makers.
In addition to the demand chain management and service supply chain series, the year-long Webinar program includes discussions on master data management (MDM) and supply chain management.
retailer, SeeChain complements the Teradata Demand Chain Management forecasting and replenishment solution and the Teradata(R) Warehouse by providing daily alerts and reports pertaining to total sell-through and vendor performance on forecasts and promotional activities.
Also in February, part one of the demand chain management series, "Transforming E-Commerce for the Extended Enterprise," will discuss how to improve marketing activities throughout the channel.