delivery notice

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Delivery notice

The written notice given by the seller of its intention to make delivery against an open, short futures position on a particular date. Related: Notice day.

Delivery Notice

In futures trading, the written notice by the seller of a commodity of the intent to deliver to the buyer or other appropriate person/institution. The delivery notice may take place at any time during the notice period, which is specified in the futures contract. The delivery notice must specify the exact commodities to be delivered.

delivery notice

In futures trading, a notice that the party having sold (short) a contract intends to make delivery of the commodity in settlement of its terms. The quantity, quality, and point of delivery are designated by the exchange. Also called transfer notice.
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According to the firm, the new service is a solution is to automatically sort messages into different areas to distinguish between emails from contacts, newsletters, package delivery notices, social network posts and other identifiers determined by the account holder.
The top five email malware lures are: order notifications, ticket confirmations, delivery notices, test emails, and tax refund information.
32 billion yen as the company launched new delivery services, including sending attempted delivery notices via e-mail to customers, in a bid to meet various customer demands.
The declaration means that delivery notices for coffee traded on the exchange before Aug.
Residents may log onto the system and view maintenance and board announcements, pick up delivery notices, view corporate documents and board minutes, discover community news, communicate with board members and neighbors, even find out current weather and traffic conditions.
PickupZone provides online shoppers a more secure and convenient method of package delivery - no more missed packages, delivery notices, or depot trips.
There will not be any allocation of energy and metal deliveries or delivery notices, and related forms will not be accepted.
Delivery notices from the post office, messages from friends, and headlines for local events all look innocent enough when they arrive in email form.
Receiving both serialized and non-serialized product from its parent company and third parties, the manufacturer's distribution center will require the capability to handle a variety of tasks including: serializing non-serialized product, managing and receiving serialized product, matching serialized product with delivery notices, sending data files to MOH, and performing exception processing and local data archival.
There will not be any allocation of energy or metal deliveries or delivery notices, and related forms will not be accepted.
If invoicing is triggered at time of delivery, customer-unique order numbers attached to electronic delivery notices and invoices can be automatically generated.
medicforma's solution consists of an electronic ordering system for hospitals (e-procurement), an electronic marketplace for suppliers (e- marketplace) and an XML transaction system for transmission of purchase order, order responses, delivery notices and invoices (e-transaction).