Delivery date

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Delivery date

Date by which a seller must fulfill the obligations of a forward or futures contract.

Delivery Date

The date on which the underlying asset of a futures contract or forward contract is delivered to the contract holder. A contract holder may offset the contract by taking an opposite position before it matures, but any investor holding such a contract on the expiration date must take delivery on the delivery date. See also: Notice day.

Delivery date.

The delivery date, also known as the settlement date, is the day on which a stock, option, or bond trade must be settled, or finalized.

For stocks, the delivery date is three business days after the trade date, or T + 3. For listed options and government securities, it's one day after the trade date, or T + 1.

If you're the seller, your brokerage firm must turn over the security by the delivery date or transfer the record of ownership to the account of another of its clients who has purchased the security. That process is called netting.

If you're the buyer, you must provide payment by the delivery date so that the transaction can be finalized. You may pay through a margin or money market account with the brokerage firm, by check or electronic transfer, or by instructing your broker to sell other investments.

delivery date

the agreed date by which a supplier will deliver GOODS or SERVICES ordered by a customer. This date is often specified as part of the terms of a CONTRACT OF SALE and the CONTRACT may specify financial penalties for late delivery.

Meeting delivery dates is an important element in the MARKETING MIX for winning and retaining customers. See JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) SYSTEM.

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Tenders are invited for oil transformer T 1500 GOST 982-80 or its analogues (SH, TKp, NYTRO 11 GBX, GK) in the amount of 2,340 tons: - 780 tons with the possibility of adjusting the volume and delivery dates in May 2018.
Customers can see if their delivery dates have improved (https://www.
The Capesize vessels are currently being constructed in China, and have expected delivery dates between the first quarter of 2016 and the second quarter of 2016.
I ordered a fitted kitchen from a firm on a supply-only basis but they let me down four times with delivery dates.
That project is now over a year late with the developer continuously changing delivery dates.
UPS and Airbus signed an agreement last week that delays delivery dates for 10 A380Fs the cargo carrier has on order and gives both companies the option of terminating the order later this year.
RDDs should only be used when standard delivery dates (SDDs) do not meet mission requirements.
10) Some procurement documents, such as requirements contracts, basic ordering agreements, or prime vendor contracts may not contain specific delivery dates.
When and if resources or demands change or might change, 4C attempts to resolve any problems that could affect delivery dates and/or proactively notifies all specified parties so they are aware and can plan accordingly.
MTMC records show that rail shipments meet Required Delivery dates 82 percent of the time, said Privratsky.
This brings the total number of regional jets on order with solid delivery dates for SkyWest Airlines to 114.
Could it continue to meet varying customer demands without slowing its production line, missing its delivery dates, and losing ground to its competitors?