delayed opening

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Delayed opening

Postponement of the start of trading in a stock until correction of a gross imbalance in buy and sell orders. Such an imbalance is likely to follow on the heels of a significant event such as a takeover offer. See: Suspended trading.

Delayed Opening

A situation in which security does not open for trade by an exchange's management or by regulators. The opening on a security is delayed usually in order to discourage volatility. It happens especially when there is an exceptionally large number of buy or sell orders relative to their opposite. This may happen immediately following an announcement of good or bad news. Opening remains delayed until the imbalance is corrected. See also: Suspended Trading.

delayed opening

An intentional delay in the opening transaction of a particular security. Generally, the delay occurs when unexpected developments before the opening make it difficult for the specialist to match buy and sell orders.
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Additionally, the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ have announced delayed openings on September 11.
Delayed openings of some franchised schools in the Company's
In spite of the delayed openings, the Company's share of the projected net loss of La Senza plc for the year ending February 1, 1997 should be reduced to approximately $2.
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